We are a creative video agency


We connect brands with their audiences by creating films that make people stop, think, talk and act.


What we do.

We work with agencies, brands and organisations to bring video projects from concept to delivery. We can make your ideas happen or give you some of our own. Our team is made up of talented individuals, each with a flare for different parts of the filmmaking process. This allows us to bring our clients through every stage of the process, from workshopping a concept on our giant whiteboard, right through to hitting send on the download link.


How we do it.

We take a team-based approach to filmmaking that leaves ego at the door, and allows us all to work with and for each other to create the best product possible. We work bloody hard but believe that work should be fulfilling and fun - both for us and for the people who work with us. We believe our work speaks for itself, but we're always finding ways to improve.


Our Story

In the year 2010 four hungry (in every sense) filmmaking friends who had grown weary of solo freelancing began to work together out of a bungalow in Greystones, County Wicklow. Tiny Ark was born and the adventure has continued ever since. We are now in our third home, a big shiny converted bookshop on Talbot Street, and we've picked up a few heads along the way. Much has changed, but we're still hungry.


The Future

Our ambition is to become recognised as Ireland's Leading Creative Video Agency. We believe this is in our grasp, but will ultimately be up to others to decide. Until then, we'll continue to dedicate ourselves to creating excellent work for our clients.